I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny. -- Coco Chanel

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Back from The Big Apple...

It's true...New York really is as amazing as they say it is.
If you ever get the opportunity to go, I would say take it.

Now I have to admit we didn't stay in the most glamorous hotel in New York City, in fact we stayed in a hostel and unless you have stayed in a hostel I don't think you will be able to imagine how horrible it was.

However, I looked on the bright side; we would only be sleeping there and after all it is the city that never sleeps so there wouldn't be much of that going on...

and there wasn't. The night we got there, ignoring our jeg lag and serious tiredness we decided to take a trip to Times Square. It was completely overwhelming, espically at night.

The friday we went on the Sex and The City Tour, which was fun! Here's the library that Carrie runs from on her wedding day...

...and us girls eating cupcakes in the same place as Carrie and Miranda did!

That evening we went ice skating in central park, which was the highlight of my time in New York. Ice-skating whilst looking at the pretty christmas lights and the huge lit up city ahead of me, was just amazing!

We topped off the evening with a trip to the hard rock cafe in Times Square.

The Saturday was just as fun. We started off the day by taking the Statten Island ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. We then went shopping for the rest of the day and for the evening took a trip to a street called Little Italy where we had a gorgeous meal in an italian restaurant.

We then got the subway back, eventually and me and my friend decided to have a night out in New York- that was a fun and eventful night! We ended up being taken to a gay club which we didn't realise until we were in there! It was a fun night either way.

Our last day in New York- Sunday. First stop The Empire State Building which had some stunning sights but I couldn't stay out there for long as it was so windy! We then had some nice lunch followed by some last minute shopping at Macy's and Bloomingdales...

Now I definately am in the christmas spirit!



Saturday, 20 November 2010

New York excitement and new buys...

It's exactly 11 days until I go to New York! I've just booked my place on the Sex & the City tour too and I'm going with my uni course. I'm getting excited but just can't wait until I have handed in all my uni work, then I'll be even more excited!

So, I've been trying to find cute and warm things to wear whilst there, as I want to look nice but I've heard it's freezing so I'm probably just going to give up and end up looking like an eskimo :(

Lovely new hat with a corsage on the side, £4.99, H&M

Instead of my usual bright red obsession, I went for more of a dark berry red which is a colour I'm really loving at the moment.

As I always have to have some sort of bow in my hair, I thought it would look too busy to have a normal size bow in my hair, so to add a bit of detail to the hat I secured it with a tiny gold hair slide.

So I have this one and also another hat which is my favourite, bright red with a big bow on it...

Here's the bright red hat that will be accompanying me to New York~

Hat, Topshop
Shoes, belt & dress, New Look
Lace waistcoat, Apple Tree Boutique

Now to find another snood (customize with a brooch) and some warm boots and woollen socks...

If you've been to New York, I'd love it if you could give me some tips on best places to go,see and shop =)


(images sourced http://weheartit.com/)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

can't resist a pretty pair of ballet shoes...

After doing a 50's style photoshoot for my styling project with my friend Catherine, we decided to go for a little shop in town...

here's one of the photo's, doesn't she look lovely!
necklace and brooch (both vintage)
coat (wallis)
dress (zara)

We went to Topshop and we both fell in love with the most gorgeous pair of ballet shoes you've ever seen! well we thought that anway, see what you think!

I bought them in cream and catherine bought them in black at just £20, but there definately going to be saved for best because it says on the back there made like a ballet shoe!

also, I bought a gorgeous new nail varnish from the new and very beautiful Accessorize make-up range!

A perfect colour for the christmas season! It creates an illusion of multiple colours and tones in one shade!
Colour- Electric Blue
Price- just £4 (which is especially worth it cause it comes in a cute little gold box, perfect for stocking fillers!)


Monday, 1 November 2010

Prepared for a little rain...

Just thought I'd post a photo of my outfit for going shopping this weekend...and show off my 2 recent buys, a Topshop belt and a primark cardi! I loved the cardi so much that I bought it in blue, red and black oops! (all my favourite colours). I really like the shape of the shoulders where its slightly raised and rouched which I think balances out my proportions. See what you think...

Dress , New Look
Ballet pumps, also New Look (they actually feel as comfy as ballet pumps too)
Cardi, Primark, £9
Necklace, H&M
Belt, £22 Topshop (a little pricy, but goes with everything!)
Brolli, £23 Live like This (definately worth the price, its never blown inside out ;) )

and im even prepared for a little rain =)

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Coco Chanel: “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

I don’t know about you but I’ve always loved Coco Chanel’s mottos, in fact I love everything about her; from the little black dress and tailored jacket to her quilted handbag and classic perfume.

I believe her quotes should be an inspiration to all women out there. She believes in elegance, originality and thinks that everyone woman out of politeness should always make an effort. In my opinion, if I see a woman walking down the street and she looks chic and has made an effort I will remember her and think to myself she looks nice, this is also what I would like people to think when they see me. It doesn’t take too much to fix your hair, touch up your make-up and dress up a little; you will definitely feel better in yourself.

Coco Chanel is still continuing to influence the way we dress now and this is because classic styles never fade. Some women are born stylish then again some women develop it, so if you want to be classy and fabulous like Coco Chanel, simply follow a few simple rules. Don’t worry it doesn’t involve buying a designer wardrobe; you don’t need money to acquire style.

Take inspiration from stylish and tasteful women like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and definitely not from Paris Hilton. If you don’t feel like dressing in a little black dress and heels with a strand of pearls to the shops then simply save this for an evening out and dress in a stripy sailor style top, (which is another classic Chanel garment) and piece it with some trousers and don’t forget the classic stands of pearls again and an elegant Chanel inspired handbag.

Another point Chanel put across was that yes clothes were to be stylish but they also had to be practical. An outfit which is comfortable yet still looks chic anywhere would be a tweed suit. If you don’t want to go all out then dress a tweed jacket trimmed with ribbon with a classic shaped skirt or some tailored trousers; piece these with some black and white pumps or courts. Spray a little No5 perfume to your neck and then you’ll look and feel fabulous.

Once you’ve got style; just make sure you never lose it.

(photo sourced:counterfeitchic.com)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Military Fashion: from aviators to capes.

Military is huge this season, from aviator jackets to heavy duty utility pieces in army and bottle green, camel and khaki all finished off nicely with the classic buttons. Military is a trend I’m sure you’ll have noticed comes and goes but every time it returns it seems to evolve with more exciting fresh designs for us to get our hands on.

Military is a trend that is inspired by the way women dressed during the war, quite masculine and not something women of the day particularly liked wearing. However designers this season are creating the opposite effect on women today, with their gorgeous designs women are gladly embracing military styling, making many women feel empowered when they are dressed in it.

Designers are taking elements from the original look by making it practical and durable but enhancing the look by crafting statement garments with special attention to detail. Don’t get this look wrong though it’s not just a masculine look, unique finishing touches on particular garments instantly adds an element of girlishness to the look.

Military pieces were at its best on the Autumn/Winter 2010 Burberry, Oscar de la Renta and Louis Vuitton runways, showcasing an array of what will soon be hitting the high street. You’ll soon see a lot of military, but styled in many different ways from double-breasted jackets, military capes to huge buttons and bottle green skirts with button detailing. Influential celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole have already been spotted taking on the military trend. Cheryl’s been embracing military styling ever since her video ‘fight for this love’ was produced, where she is dressed in a statement red military jacket.

Head straight to Top Shop for a camel coloured cape with military buttons to be bang on trend or if you’re a student and simply can’t afford £95 for a coat this year (even if you do get 10% discount), simply head straight down to your local haberdashery store and pick up your own brass buttons to customize onto last year’s coat. However you decide to dress this look, the military uniform is sure going to be demanding you’re attention this season!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Wish List!

I don't know about you but i'm already thinking of things I want for christmas:)
It started after I saw this gorgeous necklace on the Accessorize website!

Isn't it sooo cute! I've been wearing the same single strand of pearls from a charity shop as my everyday necklace for ages, so when I saw this I thought I want this to be my new everyday necklace! =)

Only £12 from Accessorize. Although, thinking about it I dont think I can wait for christmas, I may have to buy it now!


Sunday, 17 October 2010

Trend Report: what to wear this season

If you were lucky enough to experience the fashion shows first hand then you probably won’t need a trend update, but for those of you who could only watch the catwalk videos in the comfort of your own desk, may want a little reminder of the huge trends you’ll expect to see this season. So, now all the international fashion shows are sadly over we can all start thinking about stocking up for Autumn/Winter. ..

Just a few weeks ago we were still hoping we could stretch out wearing our pretty summer dresses and bare our legs for that little bit longer, well luckily you still can! Bare legs were everywhere on the catwalk, if worn with dresses and skirts.

If you don’t feel like baring all, what about taking inspiration from the gorgeous Pixie Lott and covering up with some cute over the knee socks, to keep it classy but also cute wear with a mini dress that covers up on top.

(photo sourced:theonlinefashionagency.com)

A key trend this season was the womanly look that welcomed killer curves. Prada and Louis Vuitton went all out with this classic look and filled the catwalk with figure-hugging dresses and lady-like blouses, which by the way are meant to be huge this season. Pussy-bow blouses are flying off the rails already, maybe because they are just so versatile and are a much more glam touch to complement you’re jeans as opposed to a basic tee.

To compliment this feminine look, curls are the way forward this season and all shows flaunted the curl whether models had short hair, fringe or layers everyone was showing them off. From seventies chic at the Oscar de la Renta show to swept over curls at John Richmond’s, everyone’s hair made a statement.


A trend that revealed its autumnal colours was the berry trend; the catwalk was drenched in sumptuous berry hues. To embrace this trend simply invest in a few key colours from this palette to brighten up you’re wardrobe. The great thing about this shade is, it’s a colour blonde and brunettes alike can look great in.

Other major looks for the season were fur, lace, velvet, capes, A-line mini dresses and expect to see lots of black but these were just to name a few. Whatever look you decided to embrace this season, you’ll be sure to look good with the amount of styles to choose from.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Plus size models take to the runway for Paris Fashion Week

Plus size models seemed to steal the show on the Parisian runway at this year’s spring/summer 2011 show. As we know Paris Fashion week is renowned for being unpredictable and PFW seemed to make headlines again this year, not just because they celebrated plus size models but also because of the diverse line-up of models that were used throughout the show.

Don’t get me wrong though, there were still the waif like models apparent and it seems there always will be, but by seeing a few healthier looking women you are able to imagine more of what it would look like on a normal woman, rather than on a coat hanger. Seeing the average size 14 plus size models against the skinny ones proved just how thin they really were and some would say it’s nice for a change to see women that aren’t conventionally beautiful.

Paris catwalks were graced with the presence of The Gossip’s front woman Beth Ditto, who livened up the show by strutting down the catwalk revealing two different skimpy outfits, one of which was a tight fitted floral design and another created by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

This proved a far cry from the typical ‘plus size model’ which seems to be a size 14/16 and some would say Beth Ditto at a size 28 is just not healthy either. Many though were a healthy medium. Zac Posen had well known model Crystal Renn on his runway and at Balenciaga, designer Nicholas Ghesquiere sent five months-pregnant actress Miranda Kerr down the catwalk looking radiant as ever with her little baby bump. Zac Posen even announced backstage how he wanted to make clothes for women who love life and also love their food.

Miranda Kerr (photo sourced: http://www.blogcdn.com/www.stylelist.com/media/2010/09/miranda-kerr-on-runway-240bes093010.jpg

I very much doubt this means that the tall, slim and stereotypically beautiful need to start worrying but at Paris Fashion Week this season’s designers have shown particular interest in plus size models, but who knows? I guess we’ll have to wait till next season to see what’s changed.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Home Sweet Home: my decorated room in pictures

I'm really into all things cute and homely for my room, I mean my house has been filled with all things with sayings from 'Home Sweet Home' to 'Love' for a while now and since I have my own new room and new house now, I thought I would decorate in a similiar style too as I think it can really make a room feel that bit more homely...

I've been stocking up for a while now from pretty shops, such as My House www.myhouseiow.co.uk go check the website! This is just some of what they have to offer...

(sourced: www.myhouseiow.co.uk)

Also another shop close by that offers everything from interiors to accessories is Live Like This, check out the quirky things this shop has to offer on their website...


I've tried to make my room look as nice as I could and I will definately be filling up more throughout the year but at the moment this is what my room has turned out like... (ignore the dodgy furniture and slightly blotchy walls)

My flower garland, My House
'LOVE' garland, Sass and Belle

Scented hanging heart, My House
Chair, Ikea, £2.50!!
Polka dot brolli, Live Like This

Table & Lamp, Ikea, £5 and £3 (I'm a bargain hunter)
Postcards, Paperchase

Here are my hand painted pegs holding up my photographs on a strand of brown string!

and lastly some art work given to me by Ellie Rose Shenton, studying Fashion Illustration at LCF, because she knew how much I loved it =) So one day when she's a famous Fashion Illustrator I can say... I had one of her first pieces of work ;)

Are you loving the shabby chic look? Have you bought something pretty lately to liven up you're room?



Sunday, 26 September 2010

It's powder blue for me

I've always loved the colour blue but powder blue has to be my favourite, the colour of disney princess cinderella's ball gown and Alice in Wonderland's iconic dress.

Anyway, I was browsing the Barry M counter and amongst the other lovely vibrant colours that Barry M offers, I spotted it, a striking powder blue coloured nail varnish. I had to have it, especially at just £2.95!

Unlike some colours this nail varnish came out the same vivid colour that it appeared on the bottle, I was very impressed. Another bonus, I only had to do one coat.

I'll definately be buying more of these gorgeously coloured bargain varnishes, how about you?


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Fashion's Night Out. Location: New York City!

Fashion fanatics from all over New York marked a very special event in their diaries for September the 10th and this was for the greatest fashion celebration that has taken over the entire globe; Fashion’s Night Out!

Following on from last year’s hype, Fashion’s Night Out was back for 2010 and it proved bigger than ever, now becoming a global phenomenon. This was a night where everyone could celebrate fashion and be inspired to shop.

This year Fashion’s Night Out pulled out all the stops to create an amazing night full of an array of beautiful clothes, stunning displays and a chance to meet with the designers themselves.

Some would call the night an excuse to shop non-stop whereas others a night to meet with people that share their passion for fashion in an event that celebrates the industry in its entirety. Everyone was welcome to the year’s biggest party from the Designers, shoppers, shop assistants, celebrities, models and we mustn’t forget the endless amount of blogger’s that were tapping away all night long.

This event isn’t just for designer fanatics; this occasion offers affordable fashions for all fashionista’s out there to enjoy and most importantly over 700 shops were open until 11pm exhibiting stunning new collections to lucky shoppers. Customers didn’t feel too guilty spending because they were pleased to know all proceeds from the sales of the FNO’s collections went to New York City AIDs fund.

Women were delighted to hear they could wear their heels and not need to worry about crippling feet because Fashion’s Night Out had dedicated a free bus that made stops throughout the city! This was most definitely the bus to be seen on.

To get people in the mood for shopping indie rock band metric made a special performance at 8.30pm and music mixed by a DJ covered the rest of the night. Guest designer Erin Fetherston offered style tips throughout the night, whilst elsewhere model Karlie Kloss customised cupcakes with shoppers.

Top shop kicked off things by setting up fashion and beauty desks and exclusive vogue tees were on sale to raise money for the NYC AIDs Fund. Top Shop had its very own DJ in store blasting out tunes to get everyone in the spirit to both shop and party. They also called in their very own style photographers, who snapped throughout the night and later uploaded them on Facebook!

Celebrities such as Naomi Campbell and Blake Lively took to their seats for the biggest fashion show in history where all the clothes were specially selected by Anna Wintour. The show was upbeat and energized and saw 170 different looks and over 150 designers that embraced the new trends this season. The show took place outside in a beautiful setting with a lit up water fountain in the centre and models strutted through the runway that was set amongst the seated audience. An array of looks took over the show from the 50’s look inspired by Mad Men to the season’s colour; camel then onto rock chick and military and many more exciting new trends.

Fashion’s Night Out turned out to be such a great success, but it’s not surprising with the amount of hours and work that everyone had put in to make it the event of the year. Fashion, Culture and Music all mixed into one made this a night never to forget. Until next year.

(photo sourced: http://www.styleseendaily.com)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Mad Men Fashion: ladylike chic

Take lead from the Mad Men ladies and be inspired by Pussy bows, pearls and vintage looking hand bags- I don't know about you but I'm simply in love with the Mad Men look!

(photo sourced http://www.catwalkqueen.tv/madmen_fashion.jpg)

After watching the New York's Fashion Night Out show I fell in love with the style. Confident, elegant models with hourglass silhouettes embraced the 50's look perfectly.

Finally a trend that you don't have to be stick thin to wear. In fact, it's even better if you have an hourglass silhouette to pull this look off. Be inspired by the women of Mad Men with A-line skirts and nipped in waists and pearls add an elegant touch.

(photo sourced http://www.graziadaily.co.uk/pub/21publish/fashion/main_1004.jpg)

Vintage pearls and handbags looks great but if you don't feel like going for something second hand, Accessorize have some gorgeous vintage inspired hand bags in at the moment and Miss Selfridge have some cute pearls too. It's always best to mix lots of pieces together, from vintage to contemporary. It's nice to see a great contrast of eras and it adds uniqueness to the outfit.

I saw this bag in Accessorize and thought it was so gorgeous, but I resisted buying it as I have another bag very similar!
(photo sourced http://www.monsoon.co.uk/content/ebiz/monsoon/invt/78961560/78961560_m1.jpg)

Designers from Michael Kors to Thom Browne are being inspired by the fashion seen on the Mad Men set, so much that fashion shows dedicate space for 'Mad Men' inspired looks. Janie Bryant has become so influential that Anne Hathaway approached Janie Bryant at the SAG awards and said “How does it feel to be responsible for changing the face of fashion?” .

I've never actually watched Man Men before but after being inspired by the beautiful outfits that are worn on set; I am simply going to have to watch the next season.

All I can say is Janie Bryant, you style genius!

(photo sourced http://fallbekind.tumblr.com/)

Now let's all dress up!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Shopping trip to Southampton...

Don't you just love it when you find something you LOVE and it's an absolute bargain!

Well on my shopping trip to Southampton with my dad (which was supposed to be for finding essentials for my new room at uni) I found a few gorgeous staple garments for my winter wardrobe that I simply loved and had to get, even though I shouldn't be spending any more money!

So, I told myself (for the 100th time) these are the last clothes I'm going to buy now this winter.

This is what I bought on my Primark visit, I've been looking for a bright red cardi for a while now, but I thought this one was different with the ruche shoulders that are raised slightly balancing out my pear shape. I mean Primark's only cheap so I shouldn't feel too guilty, should I? ...

Navy lace dress, Primark, £3
Bright red cardi, Primark, £9

The rest of the outfit I had already:
Ballet pumps, New Look, £8
Navy flower belt, Accessorize
Pearls & Flower, both H&M

I also took a little detour to New Look because I figured I won't be getting my 50% for much longer now so I thought it would be rude not to...

Lacey Bed Jacket, New Look, £24.99
I thought this pretty embroidered top would be a perfect alternative to a cardi, which would work well with many outfits. I wore it out with this dress because I thought the floral pattern showed up really well against the vivid blue colour.

The rest of the outfit I had already:
Bright blue frill dress, New Look

and lastly a few essentials for the winter...

Polka dot tights, £3.99
Navy tights, £2.99
Bow fingerless gloves, £5.99
All New Look

Hope you're all getting stocked up with lots of pretty things for winter! :)


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

New year, new house, new room!

...that mean's its time to start hunting for cute things to decorate my room with!

It's been a long while now since I returned home from university for summer, but the time is getting closer where I will be packing up and moving back to Southampton for my second year of uni life.

Before I go back I want to make sure I have all the little things that I feel will make my room special, so I have started buying little bits and bobs for my room, here's some of the things I have bought so far...

Hand painted shabby chic wooden pegs- spottydotshop.com

Butterfly wall art stickers- eBay

Moroccan tealight holder

Hanging bird- My House £1.50

Heart photo holder- My house £1.50

Hanging ribbon with hearts- My House £3.95

Heart photo holder- My House £1.00

Cherry Blossom canvas

Shabby Chic hanging heart cushion- Hand Made by my Mum

Kimono style cushions- Hand Made by my Nan

Hope you like the things I have chosen...would love to hear how you're room is decorated!