I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny. -- Coco Chanel

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Go Dotty This Summer!

For my Styling Asssignment we were asked to produce six photographs to create a fashion spread for a magazine. Because of my love for the 50's, I decided to style a 50's inspired pin-up photo shoot and my location would be the beach- taking inspiration from the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe's beach shoot back in the 50's.

I was lucky enough to have a gorgeous friend who has the perfect pin-up body and with a touch of make-up, curling and some 50's clothes and accessories could be transformed into the perfect pin-up...

So once I had found my model and decided on the setting, props and clothes I was all set to plan the date for the shoot.

The day before the shoot I had to prepare one of the most important props: The Pop Cakes!

Well my mum actually baked the Pop Cakes, but I iced and decorated them. I iced them in red icing and decorated them in tiny white flowers.

Obviously I couldn't not try one before I used them in my shoot...they were amazing! A moist chocolate brownie on a stick covered in white chocolate flavoured icing- So nice!

The day of the photo shoot was perfect with blue skys. I took so many photos and it was so hard to decide on the final 6, but these are the ones I felt conveyed 50's glamour and fun at it's best.

Be as pretty as a pin-up this summer and flaunt your curves in a cute polka dot bikini and matching umbrella to shade yourself. For seaside glamour, take inspiration from 50’s tailoring and why not bake some Pop Cakes to take with you- a delicious and chic new treat for a picnic...

words, styling and photography: Emily Carroll

What do you think of 50's inspired fashion this summer? Also, have you tried Pop Cakes yet?

Friday, 8 April 2011

a shabby chic boudoir...

Since moving into a new house, I've had to endure a blue faded carpet and gloomy blue walls and both blues clashed completely. And that's not the worst of it- I don't understand why anyone would dream of doing this but the radiators, shelves and even the door was painted baby pink.

It wasn't nice and it definatley wasn't homely or at all chic. My dressing table and mannequin simply didn't fit. So while I was over at university in Southampton I trusted my mum in giving my room a complete overhaul.

She decided to opt for a shabby chic vintage look. So when I came back, it was such a transformation and I loved it! So here are a few photographs that show my room and all the accessories in it.

The new full length mirror was £105, but I fell in love with and had to have it because I didnt want to put the wooden one back in my new room.

and lastly a photograph that my friend gave for christmas, I'm currently waiting for it to be framed...

I have been buying the odd accessoires for my room, but I really need to stop because I don't want it to look too cluttered!

What do you think, what style is your room?



Saturday, 26 March 2011

summery spending spree

I don't what it is but I cant help but spend at the moment, I think it's the sun that is making me wanna shop! When it's raining I always have to lug around a umbrella and my fur coat and it just gets in the way when I'm trying to look at things.

There's so many nice things in the shops at the moment and it's all summery clothes and I feel like I want to update my wardrobe with some slightly more summery dresses.

I found a quirky shop that sells vintage and fancy dress clothing and I havent yet found any vintage clothes in there that I like, but I did buy a gorgeous vintage inspired 50's dress in there the other day. The dress is cut from a 50's inspired pattern and recreated in modern fabric.

I love the shape of it, I think it's really flattering.

I also bought some shoes that I felt were essential for the summer and where they're wedges they are really comfy to walk in too. I think they will look really nice with a long maxi dress.

Wedges, £24.99, New Look

They have some really nice things in New Look at the moment and with the New Look magazine they are giving out 20% off vouchers at the moment, which is even better. I got this cute stripey crop in there, I had to get it because I love the lace and pearl collar, it's so cute. I've combined it with a darker navy on the bottom, which is flattering for my pear shape and I think it makes me appear more hourglass.

Top, £16.99, New Look

Also, I have my bikini sorted for summer. It's the perfect bikini, it's red and it's polka dot! Here's a picture of my friend modelling the bikini for my styling portfolio...wish I looked like this in it, but I would have to cut out all the chocolate, pizza's and pesto pasta if that were to happen!

and lastly something I have been lusting after but don't know if i can justify spending £28 on it, what do you think?


Monday, 21 March 2011

my beautiful birthday gifts

I had a lovely birthday at home consisting of banners hand made from my two little sisters and a beautiful hand-made cake by my mum which had a black handbag with pearls on(I left the photo on the camera at home so I can't show this now). I got given mainly money so I can spend some on clothes and save the rest for money for my travels.

I came back to Southampton for my birthday night out and received lots of lovely gifts from the Southampton girls, all of which were wrapped nicely and placed in the Disney's Tangled bag! I also had a red heart balloon, which I was very pleased about because as I pointed out to my mum I usually have balloons up on my birthday and this year I had none. I think she must think I'm getting too old :(

Anyway, one of my presents was this dress...

I got this bag for my birthday too, I'm wearing it with everything at the moment. It comes with a strap so you can also wear it over your shoulder.

Dress, Beatnik Emporium
Triangle lock satchel, £32, Topshop (this was a present from my mum)
Shoes, £10, Topshop Sale
Belt, Topshop
Black flower,H&M

I got this perfume bottle with the word 'Love' inscribed into it. I think this will look perfect on my dressing table at home.

I also got a really sweet heart photo frame holder, with lots of photos in.

and then I got a lovely surprise from Lauren with some gorgeous polka dot open toed shoes from Accessorize... I'm in love with them and can't wait till its summer now so I can wear them!

and finally from the lovely Michelle I got a vintage purse

I had a really lovely birthday and now to spend some money on some new dresses and maybe a few accessories?


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

polka dot birthday dress from Zara

Dress, Zara, £40
Belt, Topshop
Shoes, New Look, £20
Flower, New Look, £3

I think I have a slight obsession with polka dots, so when I saw this black polka dot dress in Zara I almost jumped in delight!

Its not like all my other polka dot dresses, this one is an absolute statement polka dot dress and because its from Zara you know the quality and tailoring is going to be good.

Anyway, ignoring the £40 price tag I decided to try it on. After all I did need a birthday dress.

As soon as I zipped the dress up, I was in love with it. If fitted so well and emphasized my small waist and top half and disguised my pear shape body, making me appear hourglass with its 50's style skirt and soft pleating.

I simply had to have the dress. Customised with a skinny belt and some high court heels I felt ready for my birthday already!

I think I will accessorize with a single strand of pearls, to keep it looking classic and then a red flower in my hair to work with the red belt and shoes.

Oh and guess what... Zara is selling a skirt in matching fabric and pattern, which again is a lovely shape. I was very tempted!

what do you think of this dress? :)

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Tangled: A delightful re-make of the Rapunzel fairytale

Tangled is an unmissable film for all the family

Colourful characters and enchanting songs, this Disney musical animation gets my vote. Directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, it’s the 50th animated film to be released.

It certainly meets up to its expectations. Starring cute sounding American actress Mandy Moore who also appeared in 2002’s A walk to Remember. She Co-stars with Zachery Levi who plays the Hero, Flynn Rider who has recently been nominated for an Oscar.

If you enjoyed The Princess and the Frog- Disney’s Tangled is a must. A delightful re-make of the Rapunzel fairytale with witty characters that make you laugh out loud, from a charismatic Princess, to a humorous handsome hero, a charming chameleon and of course some crafty villains thrown into the action packed storyline.

In the opening scene we see the princess as a baby being snatched by an evil lady named Mother Gothel, from this point we can tell her hair possesses magical powers. Mother Gothel, takes her far away to a tall tower and is brought up by the evil lady posed as her mother. Mother Gothel brainwashes her into thinking that the world is a bad place, in order to keep Rapunzel there and use her magical powers to keep her young.

Rapunzel dreams to see the outside world and coincidently, a handsome thief climbs up her castle in a bid to hide from trouble. Rapunzel pleads with him to take her to see the lanterns that are lit on her birthday every year. Not knowing they are lit especially for her by her parents, she sets off on an action packed journey to discover the beautiful lights she’s always dreamed of seeing.

Along the way in typical Disney flair she is met with adventure, experiences and whimsical characters that take her on an exciting journey of self-discovery.
Rapunzel is an inspirational character who believes you should never give up on your dreams and to follow your heart. She is a perfect role model for children and anyone who believes in following their dreams.

Tangled was released on the 28th January and has topped the box office for the fourth week running, proving what a success it has been.

Tangled is a film for all ages with its action packed sequences and comical lines, it will stop children from fidgeting, men are likely to find the characters amusing, and for the women well, we can’t resist a love story, can we?

I just loved this cheeky chameleon so I had to include a photo of him! I want him as my pet :D

all photos sourced from weheartit.com

Has anyone else seen this film yet?

Friday, 28 January 2011

in love with...

I have fallen in love with Accessorize's make-up colletion...

Has anyone else tried the new Accessorize make-up range? If you are looking for an eyeshadow that actually does last all day then I definately suggest you try one of theirs. It not only stays on all day but if you're like me and like to use shadow that's not too faint, their eye shadow range is so perfect that you don't need to apply another layer!

I thought I would try their marbled grey colour instead of the usual black I wear, for a nice day time look and it looks gorgeous for a night out too! The grey merged eye shadow is called Gun Metal and has white's and grey's merged into one. Something I do to really highlight my eyes is dust some of the white lightly in the corners of my eyes.

Grey is the colour for eyes this season and at Donna Karan the models showed off slate grey eyelids.

I also thought I would add to my huge collection of blue eye shadows and try another one of Accessorize's eye shadows. I couldn't believe they worked so well for just £4 each. Yet again, the eyeshadow came out perfectly. I didn't even have to hold a tissue under my eye because the shadow didn't even fall under my eye!

Illusion eye shadow- Denim £4

You may have noticed that I love red, usually bright red but recently I have been loving the berry red that's about. So, with my £5 off boots voucher I bought this gorgeous deep berry red nail varnish named 'Salsa', it looks nice with almost everything and I only needed one coat =)

Nail Varnish £7, No7

Also, I thought I better paint my nails red to match my red polka dot bikini that I'll be wearing swimming tomorrow. Can't wait... I went swimming today and yesterday but tomorrow the slides will be working so I'm very excited! =)

have you bought anything from the Accessorize range yet? I'd love to hear if their other products are nice, as I have only tried the eye shadows so far...



Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Just a little something...

Im always shopping, I can't help it. It's not like im buying expensive things all the time- I rummage the shops in order to find some nice things that are either in the sale or just a good price.

I bought a lovely new top in New Look the other day and just thought I would share it with you. I combined it with a black polka dot skirt from Miss Selfridge and some cute berry red pumps, that were £2 in the childrens section in New Look...

It was raining slightly over the weekend, which was an excuse to get out my gorgeous new brolli that has a bright red rose for a handle- I had to have it!

I also went into Top Shop to find the lovely red leather belt I had wanted, was in the sale (originally £30). It came up on the till as £14 but the shop assistent marked it down to £5 because she thought that was too expensive for the sale! With student discount £4.50! Very impressed Top Shop :)

Dress, £17.99, New Look
Belt, £5, Topshop
Shoes, Office

You can't really see the shoes in the previous photo, but they are my favourite flats that I bought in the sale in office. I thought the crocodile print and heart made them stand out, as opposed to plain black patent.

Have you bought anything nice in the sales lately?



Sunday, 16 January 2011

pretty gifts and lots of new shoes =)

So, I haven't posted since before Christmas and I wanted to share with you my new buys and some lovely pressies that I have recieved...especially a gorgeous cream vintage tailors dummy that goes lovely in my room with my vintage dressing table!

Its from Next Home- My mum knew I've always wanted one- so it was a lovely surprise Chistmas morning!

Here's a photo of it up in my new room (we have recently moved house so ignore the horrible wall paint and mismatched carpet) This will be re-painted soon =)

Its perfect for displaying accessories on like I have but I also like to display entire outfits on there too!

I also recieved some lovely jewellery; take a look!

this necklace is from my mum and it's from Dorothy Perkins, which I couldnt believe.

and another necklace from my friend, Lauren .. isn't it lovely?

It's from the website Eclectic Eccentricity, if you haven't been on there it sells vintage inspired jewellery and every piece tells a story!

And lastly, I had a little spree on shoes but they were bargains so I don't feel too guilty...

Cute red small heels, Primark, £14

Some simple black suede small heels, adds a little bit of height for the day when your small, Primark, £4 in the sale

and then some cute black ballet pumps...

£10 in the sale from Topshop- I love the way there slightly see through!

Hope everyone had a lovely new year,got lots of lovely gifts and sale bargains!