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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Fashion's Night Out. Location: New York City!

Fashion fanatics from all over New York marked a very special event in their diaries for September the 10th and this was for the greatest fashion celebration that has taken over the entire globe; Fashion’s Night Out!

Following on from last year’s hype, Fashion’s Night Out was back for 2010 and it proved bigger than ever, now becoming a global phenomenon. This was a night where everyone could celebrate fashion and be inspired to shop.

This year Fashion’s Night Out pulled out all the stops to create an amazing night full of an array of beautiful clothes, stunning displays and a chance to meet with the designers themselves.

Some would call the night an excuse to shop non-stop whereas others a night to meet with people that share their passion for fashion in an event that celebrates the industry in its entirety. Everyone was welcome to the year’s biggest party from the Designers, shoppers, shop assistants, celebrities, models and we mustn’t forget the endless amount of blogger’s that were tapping away all night long.

This event isn’t just for designer fanatics; this occasion offers affordable fashions for all fashionista’s out there to enjoy and most importantly over 700 shops were open until 11pm exhibiting stunning new collections to lucky shoppers. Customers didn’t feel too guilty spending because they were pleased to know all proceeds from the sales of the FNO’s collections went to New York City AIDs fund.

Women were delighted to hear they could wear their heels and not need to worry about crippling feet because Fashion’s Night Out had dedicated a free bus that made stops throughout the city! This was most definitely the bus to be seen on.

To get people in the mood for shopping indie rock band metric made a special performance at 8.30pm and music mixed by a DJ covered the rest of the night. Guest designer Erin Fetherston offered style tips throughout the night, whilst elsewhere model Karlie Kloss customised cupcakes with shoppers.

Top shop kicked off things by setting up fashion and beauty desks and exclusive vogue tees were on sale to raise money for the NYC AIDs Fund. Top Shop had its very own DJ in store blasting out tunes to get everyone in the spirit to both shop and party. They also called in their very own style photographers, who snapped throughout the night and later uploaded them on Facebook!

Celebrities such as Naomi Campbell and Blake Lively took to their seats for the biggest fashion show in history where all the clothes were specially selected by Anna Wintour. The show was upbeat and energized and saw 170 different looks and over 150 designers that embraced the new trends this season. The show took place outside in a beautiful setting with a lit up water fountain in the centre and models strutted through the runway that was set amongst the seated audience. An array of looks took over the show from the 50’s look inspired by Mad Men to the season’s colour; camel then onto rock chick and military and many more exciting new trends.

Fashion’s Night Out turned out to be such a great success, but it’s not surprising with the amount of hours and work that everyone had put in to make it the event of the year. Fashion, Culture and Music all mixed into one made this a night never to forget. Until next year.

(photo sourced: http://www.styleseendaily.com)

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