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Monday, 28 June 2010

A little Croatian adventure of cocktails, oyster tasting and nearly flying overboard...

I chose Croatia for my summer holiday because I want where I visit to be breathtakingly beautiful- and that’s exactly what it was! For me, choosing this destination wasn’t hard, situated in a pretty town called Cavtat just a 20 minute drive from Dubrovnik, set alongside the Adriatic coast seemed perfect.

As you know I am always battling/worrying about my weight, so for this holiday again I wanted to look and feel great... and I find eating very little too hard, so I went on the wii dance game as much as I could and again I had a St Tropez tan! I felt so good the night before going, I even tried on my bikini and went outside into my garden (which I would not usually ever do!)

We arrived in Croatia on Sunday and decided to explore the town we were staying in, we were quite hungry after the long journey and early start that we went to a little restaurant for ‘light lunch’, which actually turned out to be more like a feast! Me and my boyfriend (Liam) both ordered squid risotto, first time I ever tried it and I loved it, although I did have to close my eyes because I didn’t like seeing tentacles hanging from my boyfriends mouth!

Monday we went to Dubrovnik for the day, the town was quite overwhelming and very busy! We decided to walk the walls and it was nice to see a completely different culture and you could see down on the Croatian’s houses and see how it’s another way of life! We caught the boat back to Cavtat around 4pm and lazed by the pool for a while, it was so nice to get away from it all and not have a care in the world. By the evening we were sipping cocktails in the piano bar where Liam requested the singer to sing one of my favourite songs.

Tuesday was by far my favourite day where we visited the beautiful island of Korcula. A small little island where a local told us how the postman doesn’t need addresses because everyone knows everyone! After our guided tour we stopped for a light lunch where we looked over the Dalmatian coast whilst we tucked into spinach, salsa and sour cream chicken tortillas...yum! On the journey back we went wine tasting at a local vineyard and tried oysters for the first time ever...and most definitely the last time ever!

Wednesday was a lazy day where we explored the town we were staying in; we took a long walk along the long and windy promenade and took in the lovely views. It was nice to relax and yes the sights were breathtaking- however, there wasn’t anything fun to do like a water/theme park which I always think livens up a good holiday...

Thursday we went on a fish picnic to visit the Elafiti islands- big mistake! I didn’t realise we were going on a small fisherman’s boat and I also didn’t realise that the sea was going to be so rough! Water was gushing in from either side of the boat while I let an outburst of shrieking every wave we hit. I told Liam at least he wasn’t the man that had his wife clenching onto him screaming every time a wave gushed into the boat!

Friday we went out of the country to visit the country of Montenegro, we made stops at three different places: - Budva, Kotor and the lady of the rocks. I learnt many interesting stories and loved being amongst the hugely tall mountains that towered above us.

On our last day of our 7 day break to Croatia we decided to lounge about the hotel and i treated myself to my first ever massage in the energy clinic in our hotel- absolute bliss. That finished off our mini break perfectly and now to contemplate where to visit next...

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