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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Tangled: A delightful re-make of the Rapunzel fairytale

Tangled is an unmissable film for all the family

Colourful characters and enchanting songs, this Disney musical animation gets my vote. Directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, it’s the 50th animated film to be released.

It certainly meets up to its expectations. Starring cute sounding American actress Mandy Moore who also appeared in 2002’s A walk to Remember. She Co-stars with Zachery Levi who plays the Hero, Flynn Rider who has recently been nominated for an Oscar.

If you enjoyed The Princess and the Frog- Disney’s Tangled is a must. A delightful re-make of the Rapunzel fairytale with witty characters that make you laugh out loud, from a charismatic Princess, to a humorous handsome hero, a charming chameleon and of course some crafty villains thrown into the action packed storyline.

In the opening scene we see the princess as a baby being snatched by an evil lady named Mother Gothel, from this point we can tell her hair possesses magical powers. Mother Gothel, takes her far away to a tall tower and is brought up by the evil lady posed as her mother. Mother Gothel brainwashes her into thinking that the world is a bad place, in order to keep Rapunzel there and use her magical powers to keep her young.

Rapunzel dreams to see the outside world and coincidently, a handsome thief climbs up her castle in a bid to hide from trouble. Rapunzel pleads with him to take her to see the lanterns that are lit on her birthday every year. Not knowing they are lit especially for her by her parents, she sets off on an action packed journey to discover the beautiful lights she’s always dreamed of seeing.

Along the way in typical Disney flair she is met with adventure, experiences and whimsical characters that take her on an exciting journey of self-discovery.
Rapunzel is an inspirational character who believes you should never give up on your dreams and to follow your heart. She is a perfect role model for children and anyone who believes in following their dreams.

Tangled was released on the 28th January and has topped the box office for the fourth week running, proving what a success it has been.

Tangled is a film for all ages with its action packed sequences and comical lines, it will stop children from fidgeting, men are likely to find the characters amusing, and for the women well, we can’t resist a love story, can we?

I just loved this cheeky chameleon so I had to include a photo of him! I want him as my pet :D

all photos sourced from weheartit.com

Has anyone else seen this film yet?

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